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Need some extra motivation to get up & go? Then group classes are the perfect way to burn of those calories, with friends, or just like minded people. Yoga, pilates, Zumba, freestyle step & aerobics, LBT- legs, bums, tums, circuits & HITT are just some of the group classes available, which are sure to challenge you to the full & get you into the best shape you’ve ever been. All for no extra cost!




Stationary bike cardio workout designed to get that heartrate up and leave you wanting more! Come and join the ride!



This interval based class combines full body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone, improve your endurance and burn maximum calories!



Core workout guaranteed to make your abs burn!!



Bodyweight interval training blast. Get ready to get that pulse raising!



A station based complete body workout, whether you have 30 minutes or 45….come give it a go!!



You guessed it!! Legs, Bums and Tums!!



Our bootcamp classes are designed for maximum calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. Come and challenge your mind and your body!!



An insanely addictive group dance class, featuring fun, simple yet sassy dance moves!



Barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit-fast!!



Embrace elements of yoga, tai-chi and pilates. A relaxing class that builds strength and improves flexibility.



Build your core strength and tone your abs, butt and legs with this 30 minute workout.



Ride to music, get lean, burn calories and improve your fitness with RPM. A group cycling workout where you control the intensity!



Step into a BODYCOMBAT workout and you’ll punch and kick your way to fitness, burning up to 740 calories* along the way. This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master



If you’re after a safe, no impact way to improve aerobic fitness and lose body fat RPM™ is ideal. People can burn up to 675 calories during a 45-minute workout, it will also trim your tummy and tone your legs.



An alternative station based workout up on the functional rig using a variety of equipment and different rig functions.



Our survival zone bootcamps are designed to challenge the whole body and burn maximum calories using a variety of equipment out in our survival zone.



An intense full body workout using weights resistance and body weight exercises to torch fat, build lean muscle and leave the entire body incredibly defined.



A mix of physical, mental and spiritual practises including breathing control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures.



A mix of exercises designed to improve physical strength , flexibility, posture and also enhance mental awareness.


Body Blast

A challenging high intensity workout combining cardio HIIT with weights. Strength and core exercises designed to torch fat, build lean muscle and burn major calories, even after class!


Cross HIIT

An intensive total body workout combining a functional training circuit with HIIT intervals to rev up the metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle and blast calories during and after class!



A high energy, fast paced HIIT workout designed to torch fat and strengthen and condition the entire body! Get ready to sweat!


Abs Blast

An intensive core workout using bodyweight and weights to strengthen and sculpt the abdominal core muscles.



No weights, no jumps, just hardcore results! This athletic workout combines the core firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga. The combination of stretch, strength, conditioning and fast paced dynamic movement provide a true fat burning, low impact workout to sculpt and define the whole body.



TRX suspension training uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Get a fast, effective total body workout!


Boxed In!

Boxing based fast and furious exercise. Combination HIIT! Can you find your feet? Can you be a survivor?


HIIT & Run

Endurance circuit full body workout. Build power, increase endurance and gain mobility. Can you keep up the pace?

Zumba Toning Party

Zumba toning party is perfect for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY! The class brings everyone together to SWEAT it out! We mix high-intensity and low-intensity moves with an interval style, calorie burning fitness party!

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